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zesty z

Branding | PACKAGING | print | digital

An innovative and flavor-focused brand bringing the taste and culture of the Mediterranean into a modern, adventurous twist found in the condiment and snack aisle!  

the brook


Once a summer camp, now an adventure-filled wedding and event venue for those looking to ditch the ordinary and create unforgettable experiences in the beauty of nature!

life before work


Action-packed adventure tour company empowering life-loving, conscious travelers to get out and explore some of the most amazing destinations around the world! 

la calaca


A Californian's take on a Mexican-style restaurant brought to the heart of the upscale Leblon neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Funky vibes, gourmet food, tasty cocktails. 

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I’m Micaela – the girl that’ll happily and humbly hold your hand and be by your side during your creative adventure.

From crafting bold, soul-aligned branding that inspires you to live your bravest life through to designing a custom-made Showit site that supports your success, I’m here to help bring those untameable ideas of yours to life.

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fearless female



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Her beautiful perspective of the world around her, and passion for her craft, are truly such rarities. 

What makes Micaela stand out to me is her vision, organization, and extreme dedication to her work. I was always astounded by not only the stunning projects she would craft but the efficiency in which she would tackle them. I really appreciated her ability to just ‘get’ what I wanted. Micaela’s beautiful perspective of the world around her, and passion for her craft, are truly such rarities. With her help, we were able to expand our company into 17 new countries, opened a co-working space, and created a private island festival, all while captivating tens of thousands of new clients along the way. I would suggest that anyone considering working with Micaela can feel confident knowing they've found someone eager to connect with you and your brand whose incredible skills are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


Her thoughtfulness, creative eye and consistent communication helped me achieve a brand I'm proud to show off to the world!

It was Micaela's impeccable eye for fun & modern branding, accompanied with her attention to detail that really shined in her style. It was clear she was in this to help her customer's find their vision, and not just get a logo and website. Throughout my journey with her, she took pride in going the extra mile to create something truly special and tailored to our vision. Jumping into an endeavor as daunting as imagining and implementing a brand, logo and website from scratch, was not without its struggles. Having a knowledgeable and experienced partner like Micaela by my side ensured the process ran that much more smoothly. For anyone out there looking to create, reimagine or simply improve their branding, I can not recommend her enough. I wasn't just content to work with Micaela. I was truly inspired by her passion and ability!


I'm always excited when I get the projects back to see what she's turned it into with her creative eye.

Micaela is an amazing graphic designer and has been such a pleasure to work with! I've worked with her on projects throughout the past five years. She has great attention to detail and is a great listener. She's able to help brainstorm new ideas when you're not quite sure the exact direction you want to go in. I'm always excited when I get the projects back to see what she's turned it into with her creative eye. Everyone that I've recommended Micaela to has had nothing but great things to say as well! She's helped me with a variety of different types of projects including rebranding a company. The companies have always been happy with the results of her work!


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