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ambitious dreamers and doers.

Whether you’re breathing life into your new online business idea, or elevating your existing one, Create and Wander is by your side. 

Part hype woman. Part visual expert. I’m here to support you with design that inspires you to embrace your wild self, attract the people you vibe with, and add a spark of YOU to your vision. 


The daring. The doers. The leaders.

The wild ones. 

These are my kind of people. In here, we break norms and let our passion roar. See the results for yourself.


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Are you ever looking at your 

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As much as I wish brands were a set it and forget it kind of thing, the truth is that your business is living and breathing. It needs a brand that will grow with it and help it reach the next level. 

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entrepreneurship is an exhilarating adventure... 

Let’s create a brand and online home that showcases who you are and drives conversion, so that you can dream bigger and accomplish your wildest goals.  


Be remembered at every touchpoint with a unique brand that captures who you want to be in the online space. 

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Your adventure-loving 

brand and web designer 

By selling my last remaining sheep and trading in my small town roots for a nomadic traveling lifestyle, I made the bold decision that I would not be working for anybody else. And by trusting myself and taking the leap, Create and Wander was born.

Now, I continue to travel. I wake up every day and support strong women (like you!) to dream bigger. I pursue a life of freedom and adventure, while teaming up with smart, strong, and creative women who want to scale a dream. I’d love to stand by your side as we infuse your vibrant personality into all of your visuals.

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A small-town girl who now travels the world, I boldly decided to pursue my dream of empowering female entrepreneurs with uniquely-crafted brand + web design.