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Pursuits of the Heart is coaching to awaken the divine feminine power within women currently leaning into their masculine energy. Through supportive, loving coaching and intuitive card readings, women are able to expand their hearts, embrace deep self-love within themselves, and find harmony in the balance of their energies.


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Working with Micaela totally exceeded my expectations. I felt that my brand was really important to her.

When I came to Micaela I was really looking to have consistent branding, and something I loved so much that I FELT INSPIRED TO SHARE.✨

I love how her style is bold and playful. She could easily understand where I was coming from in my brand. It was so easy for me to explain my brand, my vision and what I desired in my branding. Micaela has EXACTLY WHAT FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS NEEDS when working with a designer.🙌🏻 She is thoughtful, organized and talented. Communication was clear, concise and timely.

And she was so thorough! She listened to my feedback, ideas, and vision every step of the way. I FELT VERY SUPPORTED and she actually helped me clarify my branding and messaging SO much.

This TOTALLY EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS.😍 I felt that my brand was really important to Micaela. She literally captured all the elements that are me, my brand and the future as my brand grows.

I LOVE my new branding.❤️ This branding is SO FREAKING ALIGNED now. It was really such a blessing to work with Micaela and one of the highlights of the last few months in biz. I feel like my baby brand is now finally growing and this was one of the catalysts for sure. Posting and creating comes with greater ease now. I am proud of my brand now and she has played an important role in that. It really helps CLEAR ENERGY FOR ME TO STEP INTO MY ZONE OF GENIUS more since I do not have to worry about graphics, fonts, colors and so on anymore. Before this rebrand, I was bouncing around with colors and fonts on Canva for example but nothing was streamlined. Now things are streamlined and it feels so amazing! In general, I FEEL MORE CONFIDENT as well as I feel my brand is finally on point!🔥

I would tell anyone thinking about working with Micaela that she is amazing and so freaking talented! I had no idea what to expect with a rebranding but working with her made it so incredibly easy. I WOULD 1000% RECOMMEND HER!


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